To Distinguish the Voice of Astronaut Wakata correctly Acoustic Experiment

Acoustic experiment aims to check that KIROBO can communicate with Astronaut Wakata correctly without being affected by the sounds emitted by the apparatus aboard the ISS.

When Astronaut Wakata talks to KIROBO his voice is recognized and it answers. However, if the noise inside of the ISS is too loud , KIROBO might respond to those sounds and not Dr. Wakata’s voice. KIROBO might start talking when it should not.

The “Noise Experiment” which we introduced in “Development Story 2” checked that the sounds emitted by KIROBO were within the limits of the ISS. This experiment checks the opposite. From the speakers surrounding KIROBO we emitted sounds the equivalent of the ISS and checked how KIROBO heard them.

The Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” is designed to be quiet and passed the test without any problems. It was confirmed that KIROBO and astronaut Wakata would be able to communicate properly.