Please be quiet in the space station. Noise Experiment

The aim of this experiment is to make sure the sound emitted by the robot does not cause the other astronauts any trouble. The level acceptable for the astronauts to operate comfortably inside the space station is the equivalent of the level that allows normal conversation two to four meters apart. The noise level is below 49dB. Is it possible for the robot to be as quiet as that?

There are two types of sound emitted by the robot; the sound from the motor and air-cooling fan. There are 20 motors on the robot. The motors move in combination to allow the various movements of the robot. The air-cooling fan prevents the robot from over-heating. While the power is on, the fan keeps moving.

We created a ?noise box?, a quiet experiment chamber surrounded with acoustic absorbents. The experiment was carried out for the maximum sound with many motors moving. The resulting sound level from the robot was 47.9dB (A-weighting). In combination with the other sound elements this cleared the required level. This is thanks to the quiet motor provided by the technical cooperation companies.