Electromagnetic Waves Could Cause Machinery to Malfunction. EMC Experiment

EMC stands for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility.

On a plane or train you are asked to turn off your cell phones. That is because the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones could cause the plane instrument or pacemakers of passengers to malfunction. This EMC experiment is necessary to make sure the same thing would not happen to the space station or the robot.

The aim of this EMC experiment is to check;
+ Whether the electromagnetic waves from the robot will affect equipment or apparatus of the space station.
+ Whether the robot can withstand the electromagnetic waves generated from the space station.

The problem of the influence of the robot?s electromagnetic waves on the space station was cleared with ease. The difficult task was the test of the sensitivity of the robot to the electromagnetic waves of the space station. The acceptable line could not be cleared. In the early stages, there were many factors causing this. The experiment had to be repeated seven times.

After much trial and error and relentless efforts over a long period, the target was cleared!