Three software systems need to sync. Integration Experiment

This robot is made of three different types of software.
The communication software on the ISS (CSW = Communication Software/ by JAMSS), the software for the robot to identify sound and visual (IVS = Image Software/ by Toyota) and the software to move the robot itself (RSW = Robot Software/ by ROBO GARAGE). This integration experiment will ascertain that these three systems can be linked and operate together.

These three systems were developed separately by different companies, making it difficult to link them. It is like playing a game made by company A, on a game machine made by company B with a controller made by company C.

With the cooperation of the experts of each system, we believed in the success of this experiment. However, as can be seen in the video, it took seven retrials of the EMC experiment. Here was a huge hurdle clear for the important task of communication in space. The details of this will be explained at another time.