Keep the air inside the ISS clean. Offgas Experiment

The offgas experiment aims to check that the parts and material that form KIROBO do not emit toxic gas. The ISS is a closed area, which means that a toxic gas can be very dangerous. It could harm the health of the astronauts.

Preparation was carried out carefully as KIROBO uses paint and adhesives. A preliminary test was carried out on the separate parts before assembling KIROBO to check which parts were likely to emit gas. Then KIROBO was placed under high temperature to let out all the gas. KIROBO was put in a kind of tanning machine at around 50°C for 72 hours. KIROBO was suntanned, no, degassed. (This process is called baking.)

KIROBO passed the real test, thanks to the preparations. KIROBO can stay with the astronauts without making the air dirty.