Is it safe if the rocket rolls? Shake Experiment

This shake experiment aims to check that KIROBO can withstand the vibration of the rocket when it is launched.

During the launch, KIROBO will be put in a special box called CTB (Cargo Transfer Bag) which is filled with cushion material. We do not want the vibration of the rocket to destroy KIROBO. This experiment will ensure the safety beforehand.

You may see the video clip and think, “But the rocket doesn’t shake so much.” Then why is this experiment necessary?

Have you heard of “sympathetic vibration (resonance)”? To put it simply, it means the number of vibrations per certain amount of time that causes a substance to vibrate strongly. One shake per second or one every three seconds. There are many types of vibrations, but the frequency that causes something to shake strongly is unique to the substance. When an earthquake hits, the damage varies with the height, material or weight of the building because of this difference in frequency.

This shake experiment also checks that the rocket’s vibration does not match the frequency that makes KIROBO shake. The experiment was done with vibrations in three directions, lengthwise, widthwise and depth wise.

The result showed that KIROBO functioned properly after receiving the three different vibrations. KIROBO passed the test.